Intellectual video surveillance solution “Condor”

A box product for control over the moving vehicle on auto dealership grounds and for monitoring of business processes effeciency

Project Detail

Initially our company was specializing in development of video surveillance software products with emphasis on control of vehicles. We released a box product “Condor” for auto dealerships and had two successful¬†installations, which are still in use by our customers.

The product featured the control of vehicles movement and localization of cars on the dealer’s grounds as well as car service¬†procedure surveillance with several supported efficiency metrics monitoring. Under the hood we implemented our own movement detection algorithms: direction, speed control, multiple checkpoint interconnection. We were pioneers in the industry with our interactive real-time maps of moving cars based on information from processed video.

In 2015 we were gave up on this product due to severe crisis in auto industry in Russia.

Client Info

  • Client - Number auto dealerships
  • Date - Oct 03, 2014
  • Skills - C#, video processing algorithms