Plethysmograph – a prototype of a medical measuring device

a human limb volume measuring device

Project Detail

Plethysmograph measures a volume in the human limb. Being more precise it measures the speed of blood flow to help diagnose blood circulation disorders.
It was developed under the grant of Russian ministry of Education and sciense and is now handed over to Federal Almazov Medical Research Centre

There are several ways of measuring human limb volume – we offered a so-called shadow method, which proved to be effective enough and at the same time tremendously reduces the overall cost of the equipment.

Throughout the project we made the device from scratch or from the basic idea. Joining with the team of experts we carried out the following tasks:

  • – elaboration of the general idea,
  • – making an blueprint of the device,
  • – choosing the right equipment and components,
  • – development of data processing and visualization software,
  • – conducting a series of experiments on real people.

On the next stage we plan:

  • – to write a full paper to the medical journal regarding the experiments results,
  • – file a patent request,
  • – raise funds for the next round of development.

Client Info

  • Client - Federal Almazov Medical Research Centre
  • Date - Dec 01, 2015
  • Skills - device engineering, software development, data proccessing