Business topology explorer based on Ontodia JS library

DataFabric chose Ontodia and VISmart for development of its brand new web application for business analytics and Business Intelligence

Project Detail

DataFabric, company based in St-Petersburg. Russia, relied on open source Ontodia JavaScript library and on expertise of VISmart development team with building their own product for business intelligence. Business topology web application will allow to explore the facts about any legal entity registered in Russia by means of meshing up the data from various open sources. Ontodia library is responsible for delivering the interactive exploration graph within the Business topology service.

Despite the fact that it is still an ongoing project, we can already declare it a success – we managed to cut on development costs tremendously. Ontodia as the main front-end component due to its flexibility and¬†extensibility made it possible to cut down on development costs tremendously and it’s gradually growing into a platform for building interactive data exploration applications.

Client Info

  • Client - DataFabric
  • Date - Feb 15, 2017
  • Skills - JS, front-end, TypeScript, Orient DB, blazegraph, Kotlin, Java