We provide OutStaffing services for companies located abroad who wish to balance their costs through locating its staff in St. Petersburg, Russia. With that offer we deliver the comprehensive support for relocated staff members including employment and relocation issues. 

We are right now in the long-term outstaffing contract with PaleBlue AS, a company from Norway specializing on building simulator and VR solutions for Oil and Gas industry. Under this Contract VISmart maintains the software development hub for PaleBlue, situated in St. Petersburg being the center of software engineering expertise. Large amount of high-level technical universities hosted in St. Petersburg ensure the very high potential of local teams. 

We provide the following services related to outstaffing:

  1. Assistance in head hunting and employment of the local staff
  2. Team leading and project management on our side
  3. Provision of office space and communication means

Yury Emelyanov

Chief Executive Officer

Yury for more than 5 years was leading the team of software developers for the large contract development company implementing various projects related with construction of corporate analytical systems, document flow, ERP, CRM and so on.

Dmitry Pavlov

Chief Financial Officer

Dmitry is the major communication channel of the company. He conducts negotiations, manages the projects, captures and controls requirements, defines use-cases and steers most of the company’s endeavors.

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