Vismart Ltd. is a team of young professionals in software development. We have a long experience of product development of various scales and complexity for a number of industries and for a government sector. Our key experts have gone a long way from the regular developers to the heads of departments in large organizations.

4-year long way of building of our own company and a complicated road to the market produced an irreplaceable experience for us. We advanced greatly in communications with clients and comprehending their needs, we have developed the valuable skills of finding compromises and seeing the opportunities practically in all situations, no matter how difficult they might seem from the first sight.

Our team is united by the common values:

  1. Passion for achieving evident result by each action
  2. Strong belief that each result is meant for delivering benefits to the people
  3. The attitude towards work in general: we treat it as a creative process demanding new ideas and breaking free from stereotypes.

Yury Emelyanov

Chief Executive Officer

Yury for more than 5 years was leading the team of software developers for the large contract development company implementing various projects related with construction of corporate analytical systems, document flow, ERP, CRM and so on.

Yury is of quite unique kind. He is able in several minutes to draw the architecture sketch  for the system of maximum complexity and scale. Permanently, he is building his own skills by mastering new technologies and frameworks. He never stops self-improvement. He’s always on the quest for means for simplifying development and increasing its effectiveness.

Dmitry Pavlov

Chief Financial Officer

Dmitry is the major communication channel of the company. He conducts negotiations, manages the projects, captures and controls requirements, defines use-cases and steers most of the company’s endeavors.

Dmitry possesses an education in humanities but combines it with technical practical knowledge, which makes him particularly useful when it comes to interactions with partners and customer and conveying ideas to programmers.

Alexey Morozov

Lead Developer

Despite his young age, Alexey is amazingly capable of solving the tasks of utmost complexity, both in research and in development. He is quick with learning new technologies and approaches and he flexibility allows him to find unexpected but at the same time brilliant way to tackle the problem.

Alexey is always a source of knowledge about front-edge technologies in IT and electronics. He was among the first buyers of Oculus Rift and entertained us in the office with demo apps for it.

Daniil Razdyakonov

Lead Developer

Daniil earned a master’s degree in computer engineering in 2015 and we are proud to have him as a developer in our team. He is extremely responsible when at work and always does everything thoroughly. No matter what awaits ahead, he is capable of maintaining an autonomous flight, dealing with occurring problems on his own. He reserves his free time for drawing and for development of computer games together with his friends. We feel always safe when Daniil is around – he has the red belt in taekwondo.

Olga Belyaeva

Front-End Developer

Olga is really is treasure to us. She knows about HTML and CSS – the kind of expertise we were missing greatly in our team. But now we’re fine,  we have Olga to come to and ask to fix the look of everything on the web page or in web user interface.

An outstanding technical background and a complimentary university education allows Olga to learn new frameworks and master new technologies faster then we ever expected. Together with Daniil, who can back Olga up with server-side complications they can build practically anything from scratch.

Who We Work With

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