VISmart is a software development company

We specialize in development of
novel Software and Semantic Web products
Currently the larger portion of our revenue is generated from customers located in the US and EU.

Our mission

From R&D to Industry

We are bring the best from R&D labs into real life

Creativity matters

Nothing should be done without it

End-user products

Innovation is dictated by the needs of real people

Work for peace

We create things that bring positive emotions

People at the core of all

We value people the most: our team and our customers

Everything is opportunity

In every situation we see opportunities for growth

What people say

When VISmart came to our lab in ITMO University everything started moving. Together we managed to deliver substantial products and advance greatly in research.

Dmitry Mouromtsev
Head of research lab – ITMO University, St-Petersburg

Back End: Java, C#, python
Front end: JavaScript, CSS, HTML5, SVG
Semantic web: OWL, SPARQL, RDF

We Have Experience

The core of our team are people that have over 10 years in contract software development a track of start-up enterpesises experience

More info

Some of our projects

We were active recently in various fields but from now on will be more focused on collaboration with R&D institutions to deliver their novel advancement to the market